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When it comes to defending your health, you need a secret weapon. Tough Mother creates an arsenal of secret weapons— organic, raw, pure tonics and foods. Everyday household staples for long-term health. Kickass natural remedies.

Here, we develop and redevelop recipes until the perfect mix is born. Ours is truly a labor of tough love—doing the grunt work for you because you shouldn't have to wait to feel better.

What won't we do? Take shortcuts or circumvent proper processes to increase profitability. What will we do? Source the right way and dedicate immense time to production.

We think life is for living—not just getting by. Not just rolling with the punches—but for having the energy and wellness to throw them, too. So don’t just take the hits on your health. Fight back like a tough mother.

Tough Mother. Food For The Fight.™
We source literal tons of 100% certified organic, raw ingredients to our kitchen. That's a lot of organic goodness in one batch.
We wash all ingredients by hand so they're squeeky clean before we chop and weight them.
We measure and mix our whole roots, fruits, spices and honey for small batch aging. Brew-haha!
We steep the ingredients for a minimum of 6 weeks. We test weekly and ensure that beneficial bacteria and complex acids are preserved as they ferment into a well-balanced, dynamic, and nutrient-packed Steept Tonic®.
We wine-press our aged mash so that all nutrients are fully extracted from every root, fruit and spice. We make sure that every last drop gets incorporated into our power-packed apple cider vinegar shots!
This is a dynamic dose of wellness in a bottle. Packed by our hands, with Tough Love and personal care. From One Tough Mother to Another!