We’re an Austin, Texas-based holistic foods brand that produces organic, raw, and pure health tonics and foods in convenient form – so you can give your body a fighting chance.
The Tough Mother
Nicole Deninger has dedicated her life to defending and nurturing the lives of others —
from the battlefield to the family room.
After a successful career in the military, Nicole’s mother was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, a rare type of uterine cancer, in her early 50s. Blindsided, Nicole found herself desperately searching for strategies to combat this unexpected enemy. After her mother’s sudden passing, Nicole continued to search for long-term, life-giving health solutions to combat illness and disease.

She sought guidance from nutritionists, doctors, trainers, and homeopathic healers. Over and over again, the signs pointed to the powers of folk remedies; simple, natural concoctions made from whole organic ingredients. With the help of Professional Chef and fellow mixed martial artist Ed Ebert, Nicole began crafting homemade health tonics — tweaking recipes and steeping ingredients until the perfect immune-boosting mixes were born.

Nicole is truly a fighter in every sense of the word. Her background in active service and her role as a mother has translated into her relentless mission for better, purer, stronger remedies. She has expanded her company from a few potent mason jars to a robust line of home-brewed health remedies.

She is equal parts nurturer and warrior. Fierce and empathetic. She is Tough Mother’s President and Combatant-in-Chief.
Tough Mother Executive Chef
A lifelong passion for culinary excellence fuels Ed Ebert’s mission for life-giving nutrition.
The East Coast native discovered his love for cooking at the age of 15, and after years of training, realized he had a vision for becoming a world-class chef. In hotels and restaurants, Ed cooked his way through high school and college before leaving the East Coast for the culinary scene of San Antonio. In the late 80s, Southwest Texas was bustling with new and vibrant flavors. Here, Ed expanded his skills and fell in love with the state. When an opportunity to open a new luxury hotel in Aspen arose, Ed headed north. He worked his way from sous chef to Executive Chef, and after a few years, he found an excuse to return to Texas.

Ed found more success and well-deserved fame. His cooking was featured on CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Travel Channel, Bon Appétit Magazine and more. A recognized industry figure, Ed continued to bring notoriety to well respected businesses and organizations.

Ed, a proud father of 5 athletes, has always been obsessed with nutrition, wellness and exercise. As a mixed martial artist, specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, he has continued to ensure that his body is always running on “premium gasoline”, by utilizing nature's superior ingredients. The renowned chef has always relied on the fast-acting power of apple cider vinegar to stay well. When he met Nicole, a fellow proponent of the remedy, Ed saw an opportunity to use his refined skills for the good of the world. As Tough Mother’s Co-owner + Executive Chef, he tirelessly perfects products with fervent attention-to-detail. For Ed, Tough Mother is an effort of taste, focused testing, research and sweat equity.

In his nearly 40-year career, he’s cooked for Oscar-winners, professional athletes, dignitaries, celebrities and American Presidents 6 times. But today, Ed is taking care of everyday people — helping us stay healthy and live longer. Complements of the chef.