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Steept Fasting Tea


An INTENSE boost of CINNAMON, CARDAMOM, CLOVE and a little natural caffeine from organic green tea + get your firecider shot all-in-one!   

Our Steept Tea is inspired by a potent, age-old recipe. Used by cultures around the world for centuries as a trusted, traditional remedy - made from the toughest roots and pure, powerful organic ingredients.

We take unfiltered, raw, organic apple cider vinegar and STEEP IT FOR 6 WEEKS with 10 organic roots, fruits, spices and honey. We wine press every drop of organic goodness from our aged mash to create this spicy and delicious, nutrient-dense formula which is blended with Organic Green Chai tea to craft the perfect firecider wellness FASTING tea. The result? A fermented and powerfully potent formula with a well-balanced kick. 

Extend your fast or simply start your morning off with a nutritionally dense, wildly flavorful cup of Steept Tea. 

15 individual tea bags.

Directions for use: Bring fresh water to a boil; pour over a single tea bag. Steep 4-5 minutes. After steeping, add up to a gallon of water for desired concentration.  Use as a concentrate, OR add up to a gallon of water for an all day sipping experience. 

$30.00      Quantity     
INGREDIENTS: Ingredients: Steept Spice Blend (organic apple cider vinegar, organic oranges, organic onions, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic horseradish, organic turmeric, organic jalapeno peppers, organic habanero chiles, organic black peppercorns and organic honey) Organic Chai Tea Blend (organic green tea, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom seed, organic cloves, organic ginger root, organic black pepper)
“Amazing experience the first week I took the product. I found this amazing anti-inflammatory in Tough Mother! I would strongly recommend this to any individual with similar issues, but also for the recovery process for any athlete.”

Troy Taylor, 46
REGIONAL Director, Orange TheoRY
"I felt the effects immediately.”