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Tough Mother Ketchup


4 TBSP Organic honey (or organic agave syrup)
2 TBSP Tough Mother Sweet & Spicy Steept Tonic®
1 CUP Organic tomato paste
1 TSP Onion powder
½ TSP Oregano, dried
TT Kosher or sea salt (to taste) 


Mix tomato paste and your favorite sweetener (until smooth). Add onion powder, salt, and oregano. Thin the mixture with our Tough Mother Sweet & Spicy Steept Tonic®.



Try this delicious, quick and easy Ketchup recipe with another of our favorite Tough Mother tips: Take a few Yukon Gold or sweet potatoes and make your own oil-free, homemade fries using a silicone, non-stick baking sheet. Double down with a little bit of old-style mustard seeds and a veggie burger and you’ve got yourself a Tough Mother meal that feeds the body and soul!



Mix in any of the following for some extra zip:

  • Yellow or full-seed mustard
  • Chipotle puree or seasoning
  • Tabasco or your favorite hot sauce
  • Cracked pepper