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Tough Mother Hangover Remedy


1 CUP Water, boiling or cold
1 TBSP Organic honey or organic agave syrup
2 TBSP Prickly pear puree
4 TBSP Tough Mother Sweet & Spicy Steept Tonic®
2 OZ Tough Mother Steept Double Shot Prickly Pear Cactus Lemonade®


Hot or cold, this recipe will tip you back upright!

To one cup of hot or cold filtered water, mix the remaining ingredients.

Stir quickly to dissolve the honey/agave. Don’t be afraid to double dose for a speedy recovery! Tough Mothers know it’s a good idea to be a little heavy handed on this pour.



A Tough Mother stays prepared, so gather your ingredients before a wild night on the town! This delicious cure-all can be consumed Hot or Cold.


Prickly pear (or Cactus Pear) puree can be purchased ready-to-use at specialty grocery stores or can be made from the fruit of the cactus plant. For the DIY’ers, simply peel the fruit (like a kiwi), and puree in the blender. Watch out for the tiny hair-like “spines” – a good pair of gloves comes in handy. Strain out the peppercorn-like seeds.


Or for an easier approach, keep our Prickly Pear Cactus Lemonade Double Shots on hand!