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Sweet & Spicy Steept Tonic 1 Gallon

What makes a potent potion? Sometimes it’s ingredients. Sometimes it’s tradition. Our Steept Tonic is a blend of both.

Tough Mother Steept Tonic is a convenient way to support your immunity and overall well-being, or improve your health when you’re on the mend. Our recipe is based on an age-old remedy renown for its medicinal, detoxifying, and immune-boosting benefits.

We’ve changed very little from the way the recipe has been prepared over time, except that we mix ours up in a big kitchen and add a few more life-giving ingredients. Ours is a powerful, immune-boosting mixture. No powders. No concentrates. No shortcuts. Period. 

256 Servings.

Made with True Source Certified raw, organic & unfiltered HONEY! 


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INGREDIENTS: organic apple cider vinegar, organic honey, organic oranges, organic onion, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic horseradish, organic turmeric, organic jalapeños, organic habanero chiles, organic black peppercorn
How do you use it?
2 tbs a day
for upkeep
2 tbs up to 3x a day
when funky
add 2tbs to hot
tea for a hot shot
Our Tough Mother™ Steept Health Shot is a potent, straight-to-the source immune and health boost when you need it most. It supports your overall well-being with energizing and anti-inflammatory properties and can help get your body in fighting shape. It's based on an age-old remedy renowned for detoxifying and boosting one's immune system.
Uncut, pure ingredients. No powders. No concentrates. No shortcuts. Period.
“Amazing experience the first week I took the product. I found this amazing anti-inflammatory in Tough Mother! I would strongly recommend this to any individual with similar issues, but also for the recovery process for any athlete.”

Troy Taylor, 46
REGIONAL Director, Orange TheoRY
"I felt the effects immediately.”